YouTube Kids Bolsters Parental Controls


YouTube Kids is introducing new features that will give parents greater control over the content their children can access while using the app.

This year, YouTube Kids will roll out three new parental control options. Collections launches this week and allows parents to choose from channels selected by the YouTube Kids team and trusted partners such as Sesame Workshop and PBS Kids. These channels cover topics spanning arts and crafts, music, sports and learning.

Another feature is Parent Approved Content. This will allow parents to specifically handpick every video and channel that will be available to their child within the app. YouTube Kids is also launching an improved search-off control. This function will provide for an even more contained experience on the app. Starting this week, turning the search option off within the app will limit the channels children can access to a roster that has been verified by the YouTube Kids team. Parents who are happy with the app as is will still have access to a wider selection of content.

Malik Ducard, the global head of family and learning content for YouTube, said, “Over the last three years, we’ve worked hard to create a YouTube Kids experience that allows kids to access videos that are enriching, engaging and allows them to explore their endless interests. Along the way, we’ve never stopped listening to feedback and we’re continuing to improve the app. In addition to all the work our teams are doing behind the scenes to make the experience the best it can be, we’re also offering parents even more options to make the right choice for their family and for each child within their family.”

James Beser, the product director for YouTube Kids, added, “At YouTube Kids we believe every family is unique so we’ve worked hard to build personalization features into our platform. Kids love the recommended videos in the app—and parents have told us they are also interested in more ways to personalize the app for their specific style. Throughout this year, we’ll roll out a more robust suite of tools for parents to customize the YouTube Kids experience. From collections of channels from trusted partners to enabling parents to select each video and channel themselves, we’re putting parents in the driver’s seat like never before.”