Xilam Animation Earns Diamond YouTube Play Button for Zig & Sharko


The French animation studio Xilam Animation has been awarded a Diamond Play Button for its Zig & Sharko YouTube channel, which has hit the 10 million subscriber milestone.

Only the fourth YouTube channel in France to reach the 10 million subscriber mark, the Zig & Sharko YouTube channel has garnered 6 billion views to date, with the most popular video receiving 125 million views. The brand’s wider ecosystem on YouTube has accumulated 15 million subscribers and 8 billion views across both the global and localized channels, including the Hindi, Russian, Brazilian and German versions.

Zig & Sharko follows a hungry hyena named Zig, who always has one thing in mind—dining on Marina, the carefree mermaid. Though he comes up with a variety of plans to capture Marina with the genius hermit-crab Bernie, Sharko, a shark with rippling muscles, will do anything to protect his mermaid.

Charles Courcier, senior VP of digital at Xilam Animation, said: “The slapstick comedy, engaging characters and non-dialogue style gives Zig & Sharko broad international appeal and, as a result, the brand’s YouTube popularity continues to accelerate as fans all around the world seek out even more content to enjoy. We are honored Zig & Sharko has reached this remarkable milestone in its digital journey and to have this achievement recognized by YouTube.”