TIME Studios to Create Series Based on NFT Collection


TIME Studios is partnering with Wil Lee to create an original series based on his NFT collection the littles.

The collection of 10,000 unique NFTs is inspired by the way Lee’s young daughter interacts with the world. The project emphasizes the messages of fun, inclusion and humility.

The series will be produced through TIME Studios’ Kids & Family division. It is the fourth property in the NFT space for TIME Studios, which is developing titles based on the Robotos, Smilesssvrs and Toy Boogers NFT collections.

“NFTs are allowing us the opportunity to work with diverse creators that cover a broad range of ages and world-views,” said Maria Perez-Brown, head of Kids & Family at TIME Studios. “Lee reaches into his experience as a young dad, navigating fatherhood while trying to balance a demanding career as an entrepreneur, and provides a wholesome experience through his characters that captures the magical way that young children engage with the world.”

“The creativity of the NFT space continues to deliver incredible talent whose IP and built-in audience will translate seamlessly on screen,” added Keith A. Grossman, president of TIME. “As we grow our roster of NFT creators, TIME and TIME Studios are expanding the possibilities that NFTs have to transform entertainment and continuing the pursuit of becoming the de facto studio for the web3 era. Wil is an incredible thought-leader and entrepreneur within the web3 space, and the littles is one of the most positive, optimistic communities out there, which aligns perfectly with the values of TIME.”

Lee said, “web3 has enabled me to share my roots globally, and through the littles, to capture and share that long-forgotten sense of awe that children have. This partnership provides me a dream-come-true opportunity to work with a cultural pillar to share that feeling more broadly and expose more families to web3.”