TeenNick Launches in Israel


TEL AVIV: Viacom’s TeenNick channel has launched on the yes Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) platform in Israel.

TeenNick is the first channel in Israel targeting viewers ages 9 to 14. The 24-hour service focuses on live-action dramas, sitcoms and comedies such as iCarly, Victorious, Make It Pop, Bella and The Bulldogs and many others. The channel also features an original special TV reunion of the cast from The Greenhouse, an original live-action daily-drama series that broadcast for four seasons on Nickelodeon Israel exclusively for yes DBS. The show was produced by Nutz Productions, which also produced The Greenhouse Academy, an international remake acquired by Netflix scheduled to air later in 2017, and marks the first time an original Israeli series has been sold to Netflix.

TeenNick, as well as the other Viacom brands in Israel, are represented and operated by Ananey Communications Group.