TalkTalk CEO Joins Children’s Global Media Summit Speaker Lineup


The BBC has added TalkTalk CEO Tristia Harrison to the lineup of speakers at the Children’s Global Media Summit 2017.

The goal of the Children’s Global Media Summit is to redesign the future of media for young people. It will bring together leading figures in media, technology and beyond from across the world. Along with Harrison, key participants include Michelle Guthrie, the managing director at ABC; Sangeeta Desai, the COO and CEO of emerging markets at FremantleMedia; Deepika Bhardwaj, journalist and filmmaker; and Michael Wamaya, finalist of the Global Teacher Prize.

The event will be held in Manchester from December 5 to 7. The Summit was founded in 1995 to help secure the future of children’s programming in a rapidly changing world. Formerly known as the World Summit on Media for Children, the event is held every three years. The BBC’s role as lead content partner for 2017 will be underscored through the involvement of Alice Webb, the director of BBC Children’s, as chair of the Summit.

TalkTalk’s Harrison said: “It’s a really important time to discuss the opportunities and challenges for children and young people in our hyper-connected age.

“That the Summit is in the North West, the birthplace and spiritual home of TalkTalk, is fitting. We’re passionate about the benefits of connectivity being for everyone, not just the privileged few.

“How we empower children across the U.K. from all backgrounds to make the most of the digital revolution, while also dealing with the risks, could be one of the defining legacies of a generation of business leaders, policymakers and parents.”

Webb of BBC Children’s commented: “The BBC is delighted to be the lead content provider for the Summit. The BBC has been producing media for children for over 90 years and we are constantly inspired to strive harder and challenge ourselves to break new boundaries to inform, entertain, educate and inspire the youngest members of society.”

BBC Director-General Tony Hall will deliver the opening address as the Summit prepares to tackle five over-arching themes: education, empowerment, entertainment, innovation and freedom. Hall remarked: “We’ll be taking charge of the Children’s Global Media Summit in Manchester, gathering together the world’s most important content creators, tech companies and policy chiefs to help shape the future of children’s media. This Summit is a great example of what we’re doing to lead the way in reinventing public service broadcasting.”