Study: More Parents Use Technology for Child Development


MUMBAI: Sixty-eight percent of parents in India use apps and games to supplement their child’s educational and emotional development, according to a new survey by, which is owned and promoted by Mauj.

The survey, which included participation from more than 1,000 parents across eight major cities, found that an increasing number of parents are using the internet to provide elementary education to their children. Nearly 40 percent use such online platforms as Google as a critical source of information for child development and kids’ health or emotional intelligence. More than 30 percent visit websites and blogs on a weekly basis for questions related to child development and parenting. Seventy-five percent of parents allow their kids to use smartphones or tablets for at least 30 minutes to an hour per day. To meet this demand, has launched a multipurpose app that will assist with the cognitive, socio-economic and emotional skills of child development by offering a selection of curated content to parents. The application is available for download on Android devices.

Manoj Barot, the director of marketing at Mauj Mobile, said: “Today mobile has emerged as [a] preferred platform for information with [the] majority of parents reading articles or visiting parenting sites on the go. Given the busy lifestyle of young parents and the ubiquitous nature of the mobile platform, we believe the mobile platform offers varied opportunities to address children’s development needs. We are thrilled to announce the launch of the app and partner with parents to enhance their children’s educational and emotional requirements in a safe, controlled environment.”