Splash Adds Chinese Cartoon to Catalog


Splash Entertainment has snapped up the global audiovisual rights, excluding Asia and Africa, for Dazzling Star’s hit animated series Jing-Ju Cats.

Meant for young viewers between the ages of 6 and 12, Jing-Ju Cats combines the principles of Kung-Fu and Beijing Opera. The 80×13-minute show follows the titular mythical creatures as they set out to defeat the Dark Lord An and reclaim their homeland. The series, which first premiered in China on Toonmax, is currently available in English and Mandarin. It will be introduced by Splash to international buyers at next month’s MIPCOM.

“Since the debut of season one in 2016 on Toonmax, Jing-Ju Cats has literally rewritten the record books in China, reaching over 18 percent market share of the Chinese audience and accumulating over 900 million views on the mainstream platform,” stated Mevelyn Noriega, the president of distribution at Splash Entertainment. “We are delighted to be working with Dazzling Star on such a unique series and look forward to sharing the action-packed adventures filled with comedy, courage and friendship with kids around the world.”

Jing-Ju Cats aims to encourage audiences everywhere to develop into kind people with curious minds, compassionate hearts and courage so they can grow into their authentic selves while finding their place in the world,” added YangGang Du, the CEO of Dazzling Star.