Smilehood Unveils MIPJunior Highlights


BUENOS AIRES: Smilehood Media is heading to the market in Cannes with a number of kids’ highlights, including the 2D-animated preschool series Plim Plim, A Hero of the Heart.

Plim Plim, A Hero of the Heart aims to promote early habits and values in an educational, fun, musical and imaginative environment. The show has been a hit on Disney Channel in Latin America and Discovery Familia in the U.S. It has been sold into more than 40 territories around the globe.

Another title being presented by the company is Panam and Circus, which has been on the air for the past 15 years. The series, hosted by pop star Laura Franco, features a variety of music, video clips, dance and circus performers.

Other highlights include Pispas, an animated show about a friendly van who transforms into a spacecraft; Cuby Zoo, a 3D animation following the adventures of five cube-shaped creatures; X-Heart, a character-driven animated sitcom about three aspiring rock stars; and Creators, which is aimed at 5- to 12-year-olds and combines live action and animation.