Nouns Fest Unveils 2024 Lineup


Nouns Fest, taking place this year on October 10 in Los Angeles, has unveiled its 2024 lineup, featuring 50 finalists and their animated short films ranging from 30 seconds to five minutes in length.

Out of more than 400 submissions, 38 “Short Shorts” of up to 30 seconds and 12 “Tall Shorts” of up to five minutes were selected. The creators received production grants ranging from $7,500 to $20,000. Their films will be screened at the event, alongside three animated shorts produced by Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, which helped conceive of Nouns Fest.

Creators of the films retain all underlying rights to short films produced for Nouns Fest.

The animator finalists are Adam and Erin Taylor; Ainslie; Alex Kamer; Chris Ullens; Dan Rosen; David Lauer; Dominic Hare; Francesco Guarini; Frederic van Strydonck; Hadi Tabasi; Harry Chassin; Hopefully Really Good Film Productions; Hyun Song; Jester Coyote Animation; Juan Nadalino; Lachlan Pendragon; Lee Peffer; Lisa Kenney and Jack Maraghy; Lucy Animation Studio; Lumberfly; Marianna; Matt Torode; Matthew Reis; Michael Grover; Mike Dietz; Mike Greaney; Mike Scott; Millie Holten; Mootroidx Productions; Neeraja Raj; Nicolas Cardoso; Nishanth Sanjay; Olov Burman; Paula Marcaccio; Phuncal; Reid McManus; Ri Crawford; Rollin’ Wild Animations; Ruby Black; Sammy Lewis; Sandra Dajani; Seamus Spilsbury; Shape & Shadow; Shashank & Yathi Kiran; Sloppy Studios; Southernshotty; Téo Frantz and Florian Maurice; Tonsésame; Will Anderson; and Yahtzio.

Nouns Fest is co-founded by Walter Newman, former head of development for Adult Swim; Nouns veteran Joel Cares; music executive Joshua Fisher; and animator and director Goldy.

“We’ve been blown away by the astounding creativity and breadth of ideas that were submitted,” said Chris Waters, Nouns Fest co-founder and Playground Productions executive. “The overwhelming response confirms our believe that we’re filling a huge void in the market by funding short-form animation. We can’t wait to share the work from this amazing group of animators.”

“From the start, our goal has been to empower animators to show us what they would do if they had absolutely full creative control and no restraints,” added Nouns Fest co-founder Eric Towner, also a co-founder of Stoopid Buddy Stoodios. “As the animation industry undergoes huge changes, we want to focus on the most important part of animation: pure creativity.”