New Peter Puck Series from Yeti Farm Animation Studio


PACT Advertising and Yeti Farm Animation Studio have partnered to develop new Peter and Penny Puck children’s content, including an animated series.

The characters were originally introduced in 1973 during hockey game broadcast intermissions to teach viewers about the rules of hockey and promote values of fairness, respect and good sportsmanship. They will be reimagined for a contemporary audience while still serving as ambassadors for youth sports.

Peter and Penny Puck were created by Hanna-Barbera, with the creative assistance from hockey sportscaster Brian McFarlane.

“Since their U.S. and Canadian debuts in the early 1970s, Peter and Penny Puck have captured the hearts of hockey fans across North America,” said Donald Bilodeau, co-founder of PACT Advertising. “We recognized the need for great children’s content and searched for the right animation partner to help us realize the potential of these iconic and beloved characters. We’re overjoyed to enter in a creative partnership with Yeti Farm’s world-class animation talent. From the start, the team at Yeti brought so much passion to this project. Together, Peter and Penny Puck will be the new ambassadors for hockey and youth sports for players and athletes of all ages.”

“Originals and brands that have both the existing and potential legacy to delight and impact kids and their caregivers’ quality of life are at the heart of our ‘why’ at Yeti Farm and part of our founding core values,” added Jay Surridge, chief creative officer at Yeti Farms. “As ambassadors of youth sports including hockey, we immediately recognized the opportunity to foster a positive and modern message around the classic recognizable Peter and Penny Puck characters. We cannot wait to bring them back to life in a fun, engaging and contemporary way in this exciting partnership.”