New Kids’ Series from Snoop Dogg Debuts on YouTube


Doggyland—Kids Songs & Nursery Rhymes, from Snoop Dogg, Claude Brooks (Hip Hop Harry) and October London, has premiered on YouTube and YouTube Kids.

The series sees a colorful cast of dogs sing, rap and dance to educational songs that teach social, emotional and cognitive skills. Four episodes are available now, with new episodes set to debut every Tuesday.

Doggyland covers a wide range of topics, including letters, numbers, colors, animals and good habits, with a core message of acceptance, diversity and inclusion. The cast is led by Bow Wizzle, voiced by Snoop Dogg, who serves as the adult mentor to the rest of the characters.

The series, produced by Doggyland Media, is accompanied by an album of the same name, Doggyland—Kids Songs & Nursery Rhymes, available on all streaming platforms.

“As a father, grandfather and longtime youth football coach, it’s always been important to me to build positive and educational environments for all children,” Snoop Dogg said. “We wanted to bring our show to YouTube and YouTube Kids, which provides free access to everyone, so all the kids can enjoy it. I’ve always wanted to create a kid-friendly series that lets kids be kids and is truly representative of the culture with everything from the music to the characters. When I started to build my team, it was only right to partner with Claude, who created the iconic series Hip Hop Harry, which built the blueprint to diverse kids’ programming, and October London, a talented singer and writer.”

“Snoop and I are excited to make an animated children’s show that’s musically based and promotes social, emotional and cognitive learning in an innovative way that both kids and parents alike will be learning together,” Brooks said. “I’m a father of a 7-year-old daughter, and one of the things we are most proud of is having age-appropriate songs [such as] ‘Being Different,’ ‘Not Being a Bully,’ ‘Good Manners,’ and, one of my personal favorites, ‘Affirmations.’ These kinds of songs will hopefully lead to meaningful conversations and help everyone be the best they can be.”

London added, “Working with Snoop, you know our music has to be top notch and make all the kids and families get out of [their] seats and dance. While the Doggyland—Kids Songs & Nursery Rhymes show is created with kids as the priority, the whole family will want to watch it and bump it!”