New Commissions for BBC Children’s In-House Productions


BBC Children’s In-House Productions has unveiled a range of new multiplatform commissions and returning series, including formats, dramas and comedies.

The content was commissioned for CBeebies, CBBC, BBC iPlayer and other platforms. Among the new titles is Catie’s Amazing Machines, which sees professional rally driver Catie Munnings introduce machines and technology to a preschool audience on CBeebies.

Also for CBeebies are the music program YolanDa’s Band Jam, the animated and live-action series It’s About Time, the quiz show GiggleQuiz, and the drama Molly and Mack.

For CBBC, there is the comedy School Bus and the formatted talent search Match of the Day: Can You Kick It? In addition, magician Chris Cox will present Boggled, a digital-first title for CBBC iPlayer and digital platforms, including YouTube and CBBC Buzz. New games include Danger Mouse Full Speed Extreme Turbo! and The Worst Witch – Magical Mystery, with a new game for Beyond Bionic in production.

Returning shows are Hetty Feather, The Worst Witch, Creeped Out, 40CC, The Dumping Ground, Biggleton, Gigglebiz, Something SpecialVet Tales, Swashbuckle and The Dengineers.

Helen Bullough, the head of Children’s In-House Productions, said, “The slate of the In-House team has never been stronger and I’m proud to be able to deliver such new and exciting content to our audience.

“Catie and YolanDa are amazing role models for our youngest audiences and these new commissions have given us the opportunity to combine their passions and expertise with fresh formats for CBeebies developed in-house.

“It’s a real pleasure to welcome Dominic and John to the talented family of U.K. writers with whom we work, School Bus is such an inventive sitcom and instantly accessible to anyone who’s ever joined in the fray for the sought after back seats!”