NATPE Spotlight: Mondo TV Iberoamerica


Among the titles that Mondo TV is bringing to its fifth NATPE is the new roster addition MeteoHeroes, which tackles issues like climate change and respect for nature through the adventures of six kids who can control the weather when they turn into superheroes.

“There’s very strong potential for this new series, not just in the broadcast arena but in licensing of both consumer products and school- and learning-related items,” says Maria Bonaria Fois, CEO of Mondo TV Iberoamerica.

Mondo TV also will be highlighting Heidi Bienvenida, a live-action series about a girl who leaves her mountain home for the big city, and Invention Story, which features a creative fox named Kit. “These titles underline the diversity and creativity that Mondo TV and its partners bring to our productions and co-productions,” says Fois.

She adds, “We are always striving to offer broadcasters shows that are new and different, but that also have a wide appeal across audiences and regions.”