More StoryZoo for Disney Channel in Benelux


Disney Channel Benelux has licensed ten newly produced episodes of StoryZoo Adventures.

Featuring an outer space theme, the episodes will be shown on Disney Channel in April in the Netherlands and Belgium. In this series, using real-life videos from ESA (European Space Agency), the familiar StoryZoo characters take a rocket to space.

The StoryZoo characters Bax, Toby and Pepper learn about planet Earth and how sunlight influences day and night in the 12-minute episodes that will explore the moon, Mars and other planets in the solar system.

Johannes Gropp, founder and CEO of StoryZoo, said: “The real-life images literally take these StoryZoo adventures to a higher level, the images and exceptional ESA film material are exciting and absolutely unique for young and old. We are delighted with the new partnership with Disney and are absolutely convinced that this series will be a great success on the Disney platforms in the Benelux.”