Mondo TV Iberoamerica’s Annie & Carola to Premiere at TV Kids Festival


A special premiere of Mondo TV Iberoamerica’s Annie & Carola will take place during the TV Kids Festival on Friday, February 5, at 12:30 p.m. EST.

In the series, Carola, a nerd with no social skills, builds her own robot clone as a friend, someone to share her love for science with and serve as a buffer against the teen world that she doesn’t understand and fears. But an accident turns her clone into a crazy, uninhibited friend who drags her into all the kinds of situations she fears the most.

The premiere will be part of a special screenings day taking place on Friday, February 5, during the TV Kids Festival, which will also feature premieres from Boat Rocker Studios, NBCUniversal Global Distribution and Animonsta Studios.