MIPTV Spotlight: Sixteen South Rights


A 2D animation for preschoolers, Sixteen South Rights’ Odo follows the adventures of the eponymous little owl and his best friend Doodle as they confidently tackle challenges.

Odo has already proven globally popular,” says Alexandros van Blanken, general manager of Sixteen South Rights. “And now, more than ever, its themes of acceptance and self-belief seem even more pertinent.”

Currently in development, the comedy series Ivory Towers, set in an old folks’ home for animals, celebrates intergenerational relationships.

The Coop Troop, a CGI comedy series for kids aged 6 to 9, follows the exploits of an unlikely team of farm animal heroes. “All of [these titles] touch on universal themes, delivering important messages relevant to young children everywhere through fun and engaging stories,” says van Blanken.

Adds van Blanken: “Sixteen South turned 15 this year, and we are thrilled at what we’ve achieved in that time.”