MIPTV Spotlight: Powerkids Entertainment


Featuring a blend of characters from The Jungle Book and a brand-new protagonist, Adventures of Akira and Mowgli leads Powerkids Entertainment’s slate.

It takes place in the Seonee jungle, where Mowgli, Baloo, Bagheera, Shere Khan and Kaa meet the fresh energy of Akira, a fearless girl from a nearby village.

Dragonero—The Tales of Paladins, based on the Dragonero comics, features “a perfect mix of the irresistible dynamism of Japanese anime; the attention to detail, environments and character nuances of European animation; and the freshness of humor like American cartoon series,” says Manoj Mishra, CEO.

Young Achievers Academy sees young talents trained in diverse fields, from aviation and skydiving to martial arts and underwater exploration, as they work for governments to tackle the global threat of a tech-savvy villain.

“We are excited to engage with fellow professionals, discuss potential collaborations and contribute to the dynamic landscape of the industry,” adds Mishra.