MIPTV Spotlight: Jetpack Distribution


CANNES: Jetpack Distribution is offering up Talking Tom & Friends, based on the popular Talking Tom apps, which have been downloaded more than 3 billion times.

“There is a fantastic opportunity for the international TV market to bring the 52×11-minute high-quality CG animated [Talking Tom & Friends] series to viewers,” says Dominic Gardiner, the CEO of Jetpack Distribution. Another MIPTV highlight for the company is YOKO, a show about three best friends who go on magical adventures in a city park. “The series curriculum encourages kids to leave their iPads at home and go outside to play with friends using their imaginations—a very topical and positive message for today’s screen-obsessed kids,” adds Gardiner.

There is also The Sisters, a female-skewing animated sitcom. “The Sisters is a fresh approach to storytelling for girls,” says Gardiner. “Lots of girls’ animated series these days are about ponies, magical rainbow lands and imaginary friends. In contrast, The Sisters is full of hilarious real-life situations that happen in every family.”