MIPJunior Spotlight: Xilam Animation


A mad sorcerer has turned the world’s greatest football player, Erico Platana, into a ball in Xilam Animation’s brand-new original comedy series Coach Me If You Can.

To return to his human form, Erico must deflate his ego and help clumsy Daniel Sissou become a football champion. “Coach Me If You Can is a comedy about an unlikely friendship between two people who should never have met and the clash of culture that ensues,” says Morgann Favennec, Xilam Animation’s executive VP of global sales development.

The company is also launching the third season of its animated slapstick comedy Zig & Sharko.

Another highlight is Mr Magoo, based on the classic cartoon. “There’s been a huge level of interest in Mr Magoo from broadcasters all around the world,” Favennec adds.