MIPJunior Spotlight: DQ Entertainment


Young viewers can follow the adventures of a racecar-driving, skydiving, yodeling and extreme mini-golfing hyperactive toad and his two best friends, Mole and Ratty, in Toadlly Awesome.

Aimed at kids 6 to 9, the show is a lead offering from DQ Entertainment.

The company is also presenting The Psammy Show, centered on five children who unearth and befriend a magical sand fairy who grants them one free wish every day, and three seasons of The Jungle Book, following the jungle adventures of Mowgli. “Our shows are based on iconic classics that have been revived, keeping their charm but making them more contemporary,” says Tapaas Chakravarti, CEO and managing director. “These shows engage and entertain not only children but the entire family.”

He adds, “With state-of-the-art facilities, utilizing the latest production technologies, we deliver high-end animation with a lean production pipeline.”