MIPCOM Spotlight: Epic Story Media


Epic Story Media’s catalog includes its first three original shows.

The new series Hailey and the Hero Hearts features a young girl who receives a magical heirloom bracelet that takes her on big adventures within her own home.

Dex and the Humanimals takes place in a world where human-animal hybrids have been living in harmony for centuries. When everything starts to fall apart, however, Dex, a humanimal who presents as a human boy, uses his extraordinary powers to try to save the day.

The preschool series Piper’s Pony Tales sees Piper’s dreams turn into real adventures, during which she discovers that with freedom comes responsibility.

Jessica Labi, head of distribution and brand strategy, says, “Our shows focus on universal themes and messages that audiences around the world can relate to.”

“We focus on delivering humor, heart and character-driven stories,” she adds.