m4e Bolsters Partnership with YouTube


To increase AVOD revenue potential, m4e is strengthening its strategic collaboration with video platform YouTube, with which the company has been working for several years.

More than 5,000 videos from the m4e library have generated more than 500 million views online. As a central channel on YouTube, m4e has created its new platform made 4 kids TV, where the channels of various shows—including the popular girl-skewing fantasy series Mia and me—are bundled and a wide variety of other programming is available for streaming. made 4 kids TV also offers such titles as Lizzie McGuire and The Beginner’s Bible, among others.

m4e said: “The digital market remains on a sustained worldwide growth track, driven by an increasing variety of content. m4e expects further revenue potential particularly in the area of AVOD, the advertising‐financed business model within YouTube’s streaming services. Here, new properties of m4e also serve as a marketing tool in order to promote content of its extensive library of more than 2,300 episodes of kids’ and family entertainment.”