Los Toons Animated Specials Set for Univision Network


Anáhuac Films has partnered with Los Toons on three 2D-animated specials for Univision Network in the U.S. and Mexico.

The Los Toons specials, based on characters created by Martha Montoya, are intended to appeal to kids, parents and grandparents. They will illustrate how Hispanic traditions can merge with new ways of life. The specials, which will air in Spanish and English, follow the adventures of Martha, Beto and Paolo and their alter egos as they learn how to balance their parents’ traditions with the American customs that surround them. The first special, Aventuras de Regreso a Clase, will premiere in September on Univision.

In El Día de Acción de Gracias, Martha, Beto and Paolo learn about American Thanksgiving, and in the third special, titled La Navidad, viewers see how the traditional Christmas in the U.S. differs from Hispanic customs tied to the holiday. The three specials will be directed by Anáhuac Films’ Gerry Cardoso and Ricardo Arnaiz, the co-creators of El Americano: The Movie. The Los Toons specials seek to bridge the gap between newly arriving immigrants and their acculturated children, as well as appeal to multi-generational families who value their culture and heritage.