Kids’ CBC Goes for Series Based on Margaret Atwood Book


TORONTO: Kids’ CBC in Canada has greenlit the new animated series Wandering Wenda, a Breakthrough Entertainment title based on Margaret Atwood’s The Wide World of Wandering Wenda.

The 26×8-minute series, which is also produced by PIP Animation, is due out winter of 2017. The alliterative series follows young Wenda and her two best friends as they embark on magical adventures.

“Kids’ CBC is home to an impressive lineup of original children’s programming developed by top-tier talent and storytellers, and Margaret Atwood’s Wandering Wenda is a perfect addition to our portfolio,” said Martin Markle, the senior director of children’s content for CBC. “We are excited to welcome Wenda to the Kids’ CBC family.”

“We’re beyond thrilled to be working with Margaret Atwood on her inspiring children’s stories and cannot imagine a better home for this magical series than Kids’ CBC,” said Joan Lambur, the executive VP of family entertainment at Breakthrough Entertainment.

“I’m delighted that Wenda has wandered her way into the wild world of television and wish her well on her adventures,” said Atwood.