Invisible Universe Expands Qai Qai Franchise


Invisible Universe has expanded its hit Qai Qai franchise, inspired by Serena Williams’ daughter’s favorite doll, with the brand-new show Dance with Qai Qai.

The new series invites children to dance with Qai Qai as she teaches them her signature moves, building off of her dancing roots on TikTok. Episodes are available on the Qai Qai YouTube channel.

The original series, Qai Qai, debuted on YouTube in January and has reached more than 32 million views on the platform, with an additional 1.5 billion views on other social channels.

“It has been amazing to see how Qai Qai has captured the hearts of so many young fans, so we’re thrilled to introduce them to Dance with Qai Qai,” Williams said. “What better way to keep your kids active than by learning dance moves from Qai Qai herself? As a family who loves to dance, I know I’ll be right next to my daughter practicing our new moves. We can’t wait for other families to get to watch—and dance—together!”

Tricia Biggio, co-founder and CEO of Invisible Universe, added, “We’ve enjoyed collaborating with Serena and Olympia to bring the Qai Qai franchise to life, and fans have flocked to this lovable character. Dance with Qai Qai inspires kids to get up and move, and it’s already inspired some dance parties in my home with my kids. Excited to share that joy with the rest of the world!”