Introducing the TV Kids Screenings Festival


The inaugural TV Kids Screenings Festival, which launches on September 13, will shine a light on everything from educational fare for preschoolers to innovative comedies for the 6-to-9 set to compelling live action for tweens and everything in between.

During the TV Kids Screenings Festival, you can showcase one or more trailers of your titles—up to 10 minutes in length—on our sleek events portal. Click here for an example of what it will look like. The TV Kids Screenings Festival will be promoted with a dedicated blast to our 40,000 online subscribers featuring a comprehensive article on the titles included in the festival. You can see an example here.

The destination will also be promoted in TV Kids Daily, TV Kids Weekly, and @tvkidsdaily on Twitter for the duration of the virtual screenings event, which will run through November 13.

Want to be included in the inaugural TV Kids Screenings Festival? Contact Ricardo Guise at or Dana Mattison at