Hoho Rights Lands U.S. Digital Deals


Hoho Rights has lined up deals from its catalog with three U.S. on-demand kids’ platforms, including Kartoon Channel!

Genius Brands International’s Kartoon Channel!, which is available in more than 100 million U.S. households and on over 300 million mobile devices, acquired the rights to Cloudbabies, Shane the Chef, Chickpea and Friends, Little Luke and Lucy, Everybody Loves a Moose and Santa’s First Christmas.

The kids’ OTT service Toon Goggles picked up Shane the Chef, Chickpea and Friends, Little Luke and Lucy and Everybody Loves a Moose.

Cloudbabies and Shane the Chef were licensed to Sensical, Common Sense Network’s soon-to-be-launched streamer, as part of the launch slate when the new service will be available in the U.S. beginning late spring 2021.

Hoho Rights also signed a deal with the short-film streaming network discover.film to include a number of the S4C animated titles. discover.film’s channels and apps are currently available on Smart TVs in over 10 million U.K. households and on over 400 million mobile and TV devices globally via a broad range of distribution platforms.

Helen Howells, joint managing director of Hoho, said: “We are delighted to team up with these popular and respected partners, who all provide fantastic, curated content in a safe space for kids, and we’re excited that our shows will soon be finding even more fans around the world.”