Gruppo Alcuni to Launch Cartoon Artist Course


Italy’s Gruppo Alcuni is set to launch a Cartoon Artist course in February 2022 within the Autonomous Province of Trento’s educational and training courses (IFTS).

Artists of any age and education level can apply, and 14 will be selected to study for a full year with over 1,000 hours in classrooms, labs and internships. The participants will graduate with a European Qualifications Framework Diploma.

“Animation in Italy has always been about creating amazing stories and characters, but then often producing them outside Europe,” said Francesco Manfio, Gruppo Alcuni’s CEO. “This just didn’t seem right to me. So, when I found the perfect cultural and educational scenario here in Italy’s Trentino region, I decided to create something absolutely unique and innovative. We’re starting with a small team, but we’ll grow until we can give Italian animation the same quality as a Renaissance Master Craftsman workshop.”

He continued, “When Gruppo Alcuni decided to produce most of its animated content in Italy, such as our Mini Pet Pals series, we felt the need to forge new professionals like character designers, storyboard artists, animators, etc. So, when we found a huge opportunity within the Autonomous Province of Trento, we jumped on board this adventure and created a course that will enable us to train many young professionals for our company. And this also thanks to the support of the Artigianelli School and the Trentino Film Commission.”