Fred Seibert & China’s DeZerlin Entertainment Pact for Talent Scheme


Fred Seibert and DeZerlin Entertainment, a China-based animation IP development house, have partnered to bring promising Chinese animation talent and content to the West.

Through the partnership, Hot Pot! Cartoons will reach out across China to find innovative and imaginative Chinese creators from animation, comics, games and theater, and work with them to develop animated short films for the global market. Shorts will be supervised by DeZerlin and the FredFilms development and production team in the U.S.

Hot Pot! Cartoons is executive produced by Seibert and Zhang, along with Brian J. Murphy in Los Angeles, and Mark Byers in China.

Seibert said: “For my entire cartoon career, I’ve elevated new talent in the animation industry. I’m proud to partner with Lin Zhang of DeZerlin Entertainment to bring extraordinary Chinese talent across the world. Lin has his finger on the creative pulse of China and has demonstrated a capacity to draw together creative, industry and governmental resources that will allow us access to the heart of the creative community.”

Lin Zhang of DeZerlin Entertainment said: “Fred is a legend in animation worldwide, and renowned for his ability to discover nascent talent. It is an honor to work with him and to learn from his experience.”

Murphy said: “Talent incubators have proven highly successful in both the creative and the tech industries, and Fred has developed a sound business model with proven successes. We are pleased to be applying this methodology to the creative potential of China.”

Byers added: “I’ve been producing both live-action and animation in China for over 20 years, and the thing that has always struck me is the world-class level of talent in China that, sadly, is seldom seen outside the country. I’m excited that for the first time we can directly showcase that talent to the world.”