Encore Media Launches KIDDO+ FAST Channel


Encore Media has launched KIDDO+, a brand-new FAST channel for kids created using Immergo.tv’s FAST channel playout solution.

KIDDO+ features a variety of English-language movies and series curated for young audiences. This includes family-friendly programming, shows geared toward babies and preschoolers and more.

“We’re thrilled to introduce KIDDO+ to viewers around the world,” said Demetri Papazissis, co-founder and chairman of Encore Media. “We chose Immergo.tv’s FAST channel playout solution for its ease of use, scalability and cost-effectiveness. This technology empowers us to deliver high-quality children’s entertainment seamlessly to a global audience.”

Ariel Matzkin, founder and president of Immergo.tv, added, “We’re excited to partner with Encore Media to bring KIDDO+ to life. Our cost-effective and user-friendly Insight CMS with integrated FAST channel playout empowers any media house or broadcaster to quickly launch and manage their own FAST channel. KIDDO+ will benefit from our feature-rich EPG functionality and attractive CDN streaming rates, ensuring a smooth and engaging viewing experience for kids everywhere.”