Distribution360 to Rep It’s My Party!


Distribution360 (D360) has acquired Bristow Global Media’s series It’s My Party!, which champions cultural diversity and inclusivity.

Each episode of the 13×22-minute unscripted show pairs up two kids who have never met, with one acting as the party host and introducing the other to their family’s cultural celebrations. The kids explore the origins and meaning behind traditions.

It’s My Party! was commissioned by TVOKids. It is also available as a format.

Diane Rankin, the senior VP at D360, said, “When Bristow Global Media shared this series with us it was a no-brainer. It’s My Party! is the perfect antidote to all the negative news around the world giving kids (and all of us) anxiety. We need to be doing all we can to provide children with the tools to make inclusivity their normal. Celebrating and embracing our diversity is key to achieving this. We’re exceptionally happy to be adding this brilliant series to our catalog and to start sharing it with buyers.”