Disney Rolls Out Reimagined Digital-First Club Mickey Mouse


Disney Digital Network has launched the new Club Mickey Mouse, an always-on, digital- and social-first variety program, with eight teens selected as the next class of Mouseketeers.

Club Mickey Mouse follows the journey of the new Mouseketeers as they create original music. It is one of the first programs created entirely for social feeds. Over the course of seven weeks, the Mouseketeers will share their journey on the @ClubMickeyMouse Instagram and Facebook accounts through Instagram stories, Boomerangs and Facebook Live videos, documenting the behind-the-scenes process of writing their own songs, choreographing their dances and more. Each week will culminate in a musical performance and a music video.

Walt Disney Records will distribute the original music weekly through online music stores. The new music will include a new Club Mickey Mouse theme song, which will be released on September 12. Developed in partnership with HP, Club Mickey Mouse lives on Facebook and Instagram through Facebook Anthology, and viewers can follow the program via @ClubMickeyMouse accounts on Facebook and Instagram. As part of Facebook Anthology, HP and Disney partnered to develop Club Mickey Mouse for Facebook. HP equipped the cast with HP Sprocket Photo Printers to document their journey.

Club Mickey Mouse is developed and produced by the team behind Oh My Disney, Disney Digital Network’s flagship editorial voice for Gen Z and millennial Disney fans. The new class of Mouseketeers includes 18-year-old Regan Aliyah, 15-year-old Jenna Alvarez, 16-year-old Ky Baldwin, 16-year-old Gabe De Guzman, 17-year-old Leanne Tessa Langston, 17-year-old Brianna Mazzola, 15-year-old Sean Oliu and 17-year-old Will Simmons.

“We see Club Mickey Mouse as always-on content versus a show or series,” said Andrew Sugerman, the executive VP of publishing and digital media at Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media (DCPI). “It’s an entirely new approach to programming content. It’s not a traditional web series and it’s not just digital-first, it’s social-first. It’s programmed specifically for social media audiences who want to follow the kids’ journey just as they would follow their friends’ stories.”

“From the original cast of Mouseketeers to the pop power of the 1990s Mickey Mouse Club, this franchise has always discovered, nurtured and incubated original talent who have gone on to do great things and make a real impact on culture,” Sugerman added. “We’re excited to continue that legacy and to welcome the Mouseketeers into our network of Maker creators, support their crafts as authentic songwriters, choreographers and artists, and bring a new generation of teens back into the Club.”

“Partnering with Disney to relaunch Club Mickey Mouse is enabling us to introduce printing to an entire generation who likely haven’t experienced the joy of print,” said Vikrant Batra, the global head of print marketing at HP. “In the always-on climate we live in—especially among Gen Z audiences—digital photos are often lost as quickly as they’re snapped. Instant mobile printing with Sprocket allows us to re-experience amazing moments as a memory to hold on to, and the Mouseketeers are helping bring awareness to this—as well as how fun, creative and playful printing can be.”