Lemon Lumberjack IP Launches with App


LOS ANGELES: The brand-new digital intellectual property Lemon Lumberjack is rolling out with the release of a learning game and alphabet storybook app for youngsters.

The educational app Lemon Lumberjack’s Letter Mill is the market debut and the first release of the Lemon Lumberjack brand, created for the mobile market. The app was developed in-house by American Greetings Entertainment and Night & Day Studios. Lemon Lumberjack’s Letter Mill is designed to help kids through multiple stages of language acquisition, teaching pre-readers letter recognition and the sounds letters make through matching games. The app will help older kids establish fundamental spelling and reading skills.

Lemon Lumberjack Letter Mill is available on iOS now and is coming to Google Play this summer. The app is for children of all ages, though particularly for those aged 6 to 8. The game challenges children to match letters and objects as they move down a conveyor belt to complete levels and earn daily rewards.

“This app is a true creative collaboration between AGE and Night & Day Studios,” said Brianne Baker, the creative director of Night & Day Studios. “Our team loved Lemon Lumberjack from first glance, and we knew right away that this new IP deserved our handcrafted approach. The challenge of animating the unique, photo-realistic, highly textured visual style was greatly rewarding, and we think the stunning results will have huge appeal for kids and parents.”

“It’s great to see the talent in our creative and editorial studios at AGE come together to ideate this new IP and produce amazing content,” added Megan Buettner, the head of creative and new media at American Greetings Entertainment. “Night & Day Studios is truly one of the best preschool digital app creators in the business, and we all are excited to partner with them to introduce the world to Lloyd (the Lemon Lumberjack) and his friends.”