Comcast Lines Up Pair of Channels for Bicultural Hispanic Youth


PHILADELPHIA: Comcast Corporation is slated to launch the new Hispanic American-owned independent channels Primo TV and Kids Central on Xfinity TV in January 2017.

Kids Central is an English-language network geared toward bicultural Hispanic viewers between the ages of 3 and 7. The channel, which expands to include programming for the whole family in prime time, offers both English- and Spanish-language VOD content. It is owned and operated by Condista Networks.

Primo TV is an English-language channel aimed at bicultural Hispanic viewers between the ages of 6 and 16. The network features a variety of animated series, adventure programming and STEM Awareness content, while also providing several VOD options. It is owned by V-Me Media.

“Kids Central and Primo TV’s unique focus on young bicultural Hispanics fill an unmet need in youth-oriented programming and further demonstrate our commitment to providing the best experience for bicultural Hispanic families,” said Javier Garcia, the senior VP and general manager of multicultural services at Comcast Cable. “We believe that these networks will provide high-quality educational and entertaining content while infusing Latino culture into the experience.”

“We are proud to work with Comcast to bring [Kids Central] to viewers,” noted Jorge Fiterre, the president of Condista Networks. “Kids Central offers a new option for both English- and Spanish-speaking children and their families.”

“We’re excited to launch Primo TV on Comcast,” added Victor X. Cerda, the senior VP of V-Me Media. “Primo TV supports V-Me Media’s mission to provide empowering content to the next wave of Hispanic and bicultural youth. V-Me also applauds Comcast for supporting a Hispanic-owned network in reaching a growing population with content that positively reflects U.S. Hispanic values on screen.”