Cinedigm Reveals Children’s Channel Dove KIDS


Cinedigm is gearing up to launch Dove KIDS, a new 24/7 children’s network featuring movies, TV shows, animation and educational content for young viewers between the ages of 5 and 12.

Dove KIDS is due to debut on May 23 on the web, iOS, Android, Apple TV and Roku. The ad-free channel will be immediately available to Cinedigm’s streaming OTT Dove Channel subscribers. It will also be distributed as a stand-alone service to cable, telco and technology platforms.

“With more than 80 percent of Facebook’s 1.2 billion audience now watching Facebook Live, and nearly 300 billion minutes streamed on Amazon’s Twitch platform last year, there is a massive consumer demand for live and linear programming in the OTT environment,” said Erick Opeka, the executive VP of digital networks at Cinedigm. “Adding linear channels improves content discovery, leads to longer watch times and engagement, reduces churn, and provides a great new source of revenue as we syndicate them to major partners.”