Tuesday, June 22, 2021
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Kay Benbow

This interview originally appeared in the MIPTV 2014 issue of TV Kids. In November of last year, CBeebies was honored by the BAFTA Children’s Awards as channel of the year—a category it has won four times. And that wasn’t the only victory for the BBC’s preschool platform that night, as ...

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Hans Bourlon

Hans Bourlon, co-founder and CEO of Studio 100, talks with TV Kids about the growth of the company’s various business segments. TV KIDS: What have been the hallmarks of Studio 100’s success? BOURLON: In 1996, we started with a live-action show in Belgium, Samson & Gert. It became very popular. ...

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Rocket’s Island Takes Off

The live-action children’s series Rocket’s Island is set in the heart of the Isle of Man, surrounded by the Irish sea. It follows the adventures of the Boulsworth family: mom Sarah, dad Peter and children Alli and Rocket. Alongside running their farm, The Knot, the Boulsworths also take on foster ...

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TV for Tots

This article originally appeared in the MIPTV 2014 issue of TV Kids. Digital media is having a significant impact on the world of preschool programming. One of the biggest talking points among preschool producers and distributors at this year’s MIPTV will be the impact of the new generation of over-the-top ...

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Making a Splash

Mike Young and Nicolas Atlan, co-CEOs of Splash Entertainment, discuss the Moonscoop LLC rebranding and what’s next for the company. Earlier this year, Mike and Liz Young regained 100-percent ownership of Moonscoop LLC. Rebranding the children’s production house as Splash Entertainment, they brought in CEO and executive chairman Nicolas Atlan ...

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MIPTV: The Week in Kids

TV Kids takes a look at the deals that were struck in the children’s programming sector during the recent MIPTV. The absence of MIP Junior made MIPTV a rather muted affair for those in the kids’ content business. Event organizer Reed MIDEM did make an effort to cater to the ...

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German Buzz

This article originally appeared in the MIPTV 2014 issue of TV Kids. Germany is the fourth biggest economy in the world and has a population of more than 80 million. So it stands to reason that the country has a dynamic and diverse kids’ television market. But if you think ...

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Cyber Group’s Family of Brands

Created in 2005, Cyber Group Studios has gone about carefully amassing a catalogue of children’s series that now boasts some 1,000 half-hours of programming. The company has achieved strong growth over the last nine years, and has plans on the horizon for further increasing its business. Cyber Group has been ...

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Henry Winkler

This interview originally appeared in the MIPTV 2014 issue of TV Kids. We know him as The Fonz, or Fonzie, from the series Happy Days, but Henry Winkler has done much more than create one of the most iconic characters in American sitcoms. He has continued acting on stage and ...

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