ATF Spotlight: ZDF Enterprises


SINGAPORE: The hit series H2O: Just Add Water has aired in more than 160 countries, giving ZDF Enterprises (ZDFE) confidence in the international reach for its animated spin-off, H2O: Mermaid Adventures.

“This new extension of the brand brings exciting underwater adventures to kids 6 to 10 years old, and has an extensive merchandising program about to roll out worldwide,” says Peter Lang, the VP of ZDFE.junior. “It also follows the release of the teen live-action series Mako Mermaids, now going into its third season.” The show has already been airing successfully on several channels across Asia, including HBO Family and GMA, Lang notes.

The company also has the new preschool series Inui, about a little Inuit girl in the Arctic Circle who loves the snow and knows how to keep warm and have fun with her friends Crackpot the Caribou, Grouchy the Polar Bear and Lady Penguin.

“We are looking to expand and reinforce our presence in the region through partnerships with local and pan-Asian broadcast and digital platforms,” adds Lang.