APC Kids’ Zephyr & Gigglebug Align for Pronto Series


APC Kids’ animation studio Zephyr Animation is teaming up with Finnish studio Gigglebug Entertainment for the adventure-comedy CGI series Pronto.

Created by Gigglebug founders Anttu Harlin and Joonas Utti, Pronto will be a Zephyr and Gigglebug co-production, with APC Kids securing broadcasting partners for the series. The kids’ show will follow a team of underdogs that make up an elite postal service that prides itself on delivering the impossible—from black holes to beehives, and even the Loch Ness monster of lore.

David Sauerwein, Zephyr Animation’s chief creative officer, said: “In just a few short months, Zephyr Animation has assembled a great slate of projects with top-class co-production partners. We’re now thrilled to be working with the wonderfully creative team at Gigglebug on Pronto, which we’re confident will delight kids and families around the world with its very original concept, action-packed adventures and endearing characters.”

Harlin added: “With Pronto, we want to tell the story of a young delivery hero with the most amazing job in the world. But he has a hopeless sense of direction and zero natural talent for the job. Still, Pronto always manages to come out on top, because his heart is his compass. It’s the kind of lovable comedy underdog superhero story that really tickles us. Bumps, bruises, and blunders guaranteed. Lionel and David are wonderful people who set their eyes on the premise about a year ago and we are thrilled to have sealed this partnership in order to bring this story to the global stage.”