Zig Zag Inks New Co-Pro Deal with Yoshimoto Kogyo


LONDON/TOKYO: Zig Zag Productions has teamed up with Japan’s Yoshimoto Kogyo for the co-production of the hidden-camera game-show format PrankStars.

PrankStars will look on as four teams of experts, including comedians, special effects artists and magicians, help celebrities and members of the public prank their friends and families. The team that generates the biggest reaction from their unsuspecting victim wins.

Zig Zag and Yoshimoto Kogyo are currently in discussions with Masi Oka (Heroes, Hawaii Five-0) to host the program. The two companies previously co-produced Time Out for KTV and Split/Second for Nickelodeon.

Zig Zag Productions CEO Danny Fenton stated: “We are so pleased to again partner with Yoshimoto. This time we’re bringing the new exciting prank/game-show hybrid PrankStars to market with superstar host Masi Oka fronting the show. We think we have the perfect team to make this a show to remember.”

Aki Yorihiro, the CEO of Yoshimoto Entertainment USA, the U.S. operating subsidiary of Yoshimoto Kogyo, added: “Yoshimoto’s strength is in our amazing writers who invent the craziest elements for our game and variety shows. We are excited to work with Zig Zag on PrankStars as it’s a series that has a built in audience across the globe.”