TV Formats Screenings Festival: BBC Studios


Freeze the Fear with Wim Hof, a reality/entertainment format built around the benefits of extreme-cold therapy, is among BBC Studios’ highlights in the TV Formats Screenings Festival.

Eight celebrities live together in a tented dwelling in sub-zero temperatures in the new format. “From ice barrel baths to swimming under a frozen lake, the celebrities are guided through radical challenges by extreme athlete Wim Hof, using his signature breathing techniques,” says Andre Renaud, senior VP of global format sales at BBC Studios. “Their aim is to reap the rewards of cold-water therapy and emerge happier, healthier and stronger—set to conquer the ultimate challenge of leaping backward from a 500-foot bridge.”

Megahit promises prime-time entertainment, bringing celebrities and established music producers together to write and produce new songs. “Megahit produced some thoroughly entertaining and completely unique hits, including love letters to politicians and songs about working out, and the potential for commercial tie-ins is obvious,” says Renaud. “The show was a hit with viewers in Norway, creating two Spotify number ones and over 25 million Spotify streams to date.”

For access prime, meanwhile, BBC Studios has the game-show format 1&6 Zeros, which Renaud describes as a “nail-biting watch.”