TV Asahi Licenses Scripted Format into China


TV Asahi Corporation has sold the format rights to the scripted drama series A Family Goes Job-Hunting to Radiant Pictures, based in Beijing.

This is the first scripted format that the leading Japanese broadcaster has sold to China. The original nine-episode prime-time series is planned to become a 36-episode series in Chinese.

Radiant Pictures’ executive producer, Zidan Liu, commented: “The adaptation of A Family Goes Job-Hunting is relevant to current Chinese society. China is rapidly developing socio-economically, and on one hand many people are increasingly becoming dedicated to their job, but on the other hand going back home is becoming a luxury. Social phenomena such as Beipiaozu, a new term for the young generation who has come to Beijing to work, and Liushou ertong, the children left in rural communities by their parents who have moved to the city in search of wealth, have become common words in the Chinese language. As such, situations where a once-functional family like in A Family Goes Job-Hunting faces workplace problems and family issues is becoming common and I believe the adapted series will be very well received by the Chinese audience.”

Liu added: “Our aim is to not only depict workplace and job-hunting issues in contemporary China, but to also focus on real family issues such as the weakening bond between family members and how a family rebuilds their ties with each other.”

Yasuo Kawashima, the managing director of the business division at TV Asahi, remarked: “I am very happy that A Family Goes Job-Hunting will be adapted in China where many large high-quality adaptations are being made, especially as Radiant Pictures is one of the foremost production companies and they were one of the first companies to approach us regarding this drama when it was broadcast in the January 2017 season on TV Asahi. The importance of family bonds transcends time and place and is truly a globally relatable topic. I believe that the gripping depiction of such a topic in the backdrop of current society is what makes this series special. I trust that the adaptation of this drama will be widely viewed in China and I sincerely hope that we will see more adaptations of our drama series in China.”

TV Asahi’s Producer Koichi Funatsu commented, “This drama portrays how the bonds among a family of four become stronger and ‘what it means for a person to work.’ I am very delighted that this Chinese adaptation deal has been made. I have high hopes that the Chinese audience will find the story highly relatable.”