TV Asahi Launches Three New Formats


Japanese commercial broadcaster TV Asahi has launched three new formats: Listen to Legends, Like My Photos & Keep Me Going and News$Bookmaker.

Listen to Legends uses CG to have great legends of the past appear in a modern talk show as guests. The legends chat about their own experiences during historical incidents and reveal what they felt at that time. They also discuss universal topics that are common to modern people, such as cooking, romance and relationships. The voice-overs are done by actors and comedians.

Miyuki Nakasone, sales executive for format sales at TV Asahi, said: “Not to mention an interesting format for adults, it can be produced as an educational program for kids who can learn history more easily. Another noteworthy point is that since voice actors record in a room away from a studio, it can be produced remotely.”

Like My Photos & Keep Me Going makes use of Instagram. It follows as three celebrities travel together and post photos they took during their journey. Traveling expense is given based on the number of “Likes” they get on Instagram, which can be converted to actual money they can spend to keep their journey going.

News$Bookmaker, meanwhile, is a betting-show format.