This Time Next Year to Be Adapted in Germany & Denmark


LONDON: RTL Germany and TV2 Denmark have secured the rights to make local treatments of Twofour’s prime-time studio entertainment format This Time Next Year.

This Time Next Year sees ordinary people embark on a journey to transform their lives in 12 months, from losing weight to becoming a parent. ITV Studios’s United Production ApS will produce a 6×60-minute version for TV2 Denmark, while ITV Studios Germany will produce a 4×60-minute adaptation for RTL Germany. Both series will begin production immediately.

Anthony Appell, the head of sales at Twofour Rights, said: “This Time Next Year’s groundbreaking production model invites viewers to share emotional, once-in-a-lifetime instant transformations and we are thrilled that TV2 in Denmark and RTL Germany have commissioned this show.”

Anette Rømer, the head of acquisitions and formats for TV2, added: “The core idea of This Time Next Year instantly appealed to us. It holds so many dimensions of how we all try to get on with our lives—personal challenges, life-changing achievements, big and small aspirational journeys—all of the utmost importance to each individual. The program presents these stories to the viewer in a very clear and direct way and I am confident that we have a success on our hands.”