Video Interview: The 1% Club’s Patton Oswalt

Since bowing on ITV in 2022, The 1% Club has become a hit around the world, with over ten territories licensing the format for themselves. With its emphasis not on what you know but how your brain works, the game show encourages the average person to play along with the contestants to see if they can answer increasingly harder questions until it comes time to confront one that only 1 percent of people can answer correctly.


A U.S. iteration is joining the slew of international adaptations that have popped up in the last several years, hosted by comedian and actor Patton Oswalt (The King of QueensRatatouilleBoJack Horseman). The first episode premiered as an exclusive sneak preview for Prime Video subscribers on May 23. The series begins airing on FOX today, and, beginning next week, new episodes will bow first on FOX on Mondays, then on Prime Video the next day.

In this video interview, Oswalt speaks to TV Formats Weekly about his first time hosting a game show and what allows The 1% Club to connect with audiences no matter where they are in the world.