Talpa Talent Show for SBS6


Avastars is a brand-new talent show from Talpa Network that combines the real and virtual worlds using motion capture and augmented reality techniques.

Avastars combines singing and dancing talents into one, with talented duos creating an avatar (known in this series as an “avastar”) to perform across both disciplines. The singing talent is responsible for controlling the avastar’s facial expressions and voice. The dancing talent wears a special suit to control all the movements of the avastar’s body and head.

Besides singing and dancing, the avastars must also be able to talk and show off their personality when being interviewed by the host and the jury. During a series of audition and elimination rounds, this jury, led by a successful DJ or producer, will judge the performances. He will also go on to produce the first single and music video of the winning avastar.

Avastars will be broadcasted by SBS6 early next year.