Secret Life of 4 Year Olds to See Japanese Version


Banijay Rights has landed a format deal on The Secret Life of 4 Year Olds with Japan’s public broadcaster NHK.

RDF’s award-winning format The Secret Life of 4 Year Olds is being produced for a local version by NHK Enterprises in Tokyo. The show will launch on NHK’s free terrestrial General Channel on Saturday, March 16, in a prime-time slot.

Takako Ishikawa, senior producer at the global content development division of NHK, commented, “The original Secret Life of 4 Year Olds has won many fans in Japan, and this response means we have decided to create a local version. We are delighted and thrilled to produce the program which captures children’s emotions and relationships with rich and colorful moments in a unique approach.”

Tim Mutimer, CEO of Banijay Rights, added, “This is an exceptional format—it’s truly funny and extremely uplifting, yet at the same time a real eye-opener on the complex development of young children and how they interact with each other. We are delighted that NHK has been the first broadcaster in Asia to create its own local version, and it will be extremely interesting to see how the show takes shape.”