New Restrictions on Chinese Format Market


BEIJING: China’s State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television is placing new restrictions on the imports of foreign formats in a bid to encourage local creativity.

“Only self-innovated TV programs with Chinese cultural inheritance and characteristics can better carry the Chinese Dream themes, the socialist core values, as well as patriotism and Chinese fine traditions,” the notice from SAPPRFT reads, according to

Provincial broadcasting regulators will have to approve of any programs based on imported copyright. Stations that launch programs that have not been approved will be banned from importing formats for one year.

The regulator has also blocked the use of any reality TV shows featuring prominent child celebrities.

“The reliance on imported program formats has been squeezing out the creative incentive of domestic producers and broadcasters,” the statement says, according to reports. “Audiences are craving more Chinese original programs that are fun to watch and feature healthy tastes.”