New Formats on Offer from Media Ranch


Media Ranch’s catalog includes two dating formats and a studio game show.

The dating format Match Made in Heaven uses astrology to help singles find love. The show is from Media Ranch’s exclusive DR (Danish Broadcasting) portfolio.

From Media Ranch’s Horsepower 3.0 winner, Alexandra Paquin, the new dating format Love Van follows singles on a cross-country journey in livable converted vans to see if they will stick with the dates they chose to join them or replace them with hitchhikers they meet along the way.

The studio game show All About Animals tests celebrities’ animal knowledge.  The Tower is a talk show covering current topics, interspersed with scripted skits, which recently won several of Canada’s Prix Gémeaux Awards. Dining with the Enemy is a travel-cooking documentary format show in which a chef and a journalist enter a warzone or conflict area to cook a special meal inspired by local culture for people of opposing sides, bringing them together over dinner.

Also on the Media Ranch slate are Pop the Jam, a new music reality show in which up-and-coming music stars meet and jam with their idols; Flea Fight, a competition where two expert design teams with a limited budget shop at flea markets and must create the most value out of their findings; Things My Father Failed to Teach Me, a reality show that sees a celebrity return to his hometown to learn skills from his father like hunting, harvesting, construction and even how to cook.

South Korea’s FormatEast paper format Honey in the Box is described as The Newlywed Game meets Deal or No Deal. The contestants ask questions to find their partner hidden among 50 “honeys” wearing illuminated boxes on their heads.

Currently in production in Italy, Boiling Point is a cooking quiz show in which the contestants must win ingredients or steal them from opponents by answering food-related questions. Only genuine foodies win.

Sophie Ferron, founder and CEO, said: Media Ranch is thrilled to be back in Cannes this year with several great new formats. We have a vast mix of genres, both proven and paper formats, with Match Made in Heaven, Dining with the Enemy and the award-winning The Tower—we truly have something for everyone. We’re especially excited to showcase Gen-Z dating format Love Van, which was created within the last edition of our Horsepower format incubator and is now in co-development with our partners TF1 and Québecor Content.”