Movistar Sets Ni Superhéroes Ni Princesas Adaptation


Movistar has commissioned Ni Superhéroes Ni Princesas, a Spanish-language adaptation of the original format No More Boys and Girls.

Ni Superhéroes Ni Princesas will pose questions about whether the way boys and girls are treated in childhood is why full parity for men and women has yet to be achieved, and if the way boys and girls are shaped to be different should be done away with in favor of more equal treatment. In the series, Erick Pescador will take over a primary class with the aim of testing gender bias in education. He’ll measure self-esteem and perceptions and highlight how both genders are treated as children and use psychological measures to see whether gender-neutral treatment can boost self-confidence, emotional intelligence and equality. The series will cover the effect of toys; gender roles in the family based on clothing, language and stories; the influence of video games, cartoons and advertising at an early age, as well as techniques to drive change.

Produced by Movistar+ and Banijay Group’s DLO/ Magnolia, Ni Superhéroes Ni Princesas will premiere on September 16 on Movistar+ and will also be available on Movistar Lite. No More Boys and Girls, produced by Outline Productions for BBC, is distributed by DRG Formats.