MIPTV Spotlight: TV Asahi


CANNES: There are two new formats in the TV Asahi portfolio: Experts Visiting Experts and The 3 Family 3 Day Challenge.

The first is a travel reality show that sees seasoned professionals of various fields visit their counterparts in a foreign country. The latter is a competition format in which three families must complete three challenges within three days in order to get the chance to win a cash prize.

Hide-and-Seek with Drones is becoming one of the favorites among our buyers,” says Yuka Kakui, the head of format development and sales at TV Asahi. “This show combines a conventional, popular children’s game with the latest cutting-edge technology.” In the format, challengers try to escape the drones’ cameras while engaging in a treasure hunt that will determine their cash prize.

“TV Asahi continues to strive to come out with formats that have simple and fresh concepts,” says Kakui.